Finished render comes up pure white? (Cycles)

Ok so when I render and image from my animation i can see it working away and all looks fine! I can see my character standing in the pose I want, lighting looks decent (for me), basically everything looks peachy. That is, until the last block is filled in, then BAM. Pure white render. No shadows, no character, nothing. I would show you a screenshot but its literally a white square…

It worked before, so here are a few things I’ve recently changed;
Added in a sky texture + sun
added in smoke simulation but that is on a different layer (even disabled that layer when rendering and still same problem.)
Added in focal points for my cameras to an empty.

When I decided to render my full animation at first I used CPU because that’s all cycles smoke supports atm. However, after realizing my smoke doesn’t start until frame 80+ and ends about frame 100ish I decided to use my GPU render until the frame before the smoke appears. Then I was going to switch back to CPU to render the smoke, then back to GPU once it had disappeared to try save some render time. I was already a whole 2 frames into my CPU render when I decided this which both turned out white as well.

Any help please guys? :frowning:

In Blender you have essentially three “steps” that contribute to the final image:

  • Renderer
  • Compositor
  • Sequencer

Those are evaluated from the bottom up - in other words: If you have e. g. a rogue image sequence in the sequencer, it will override your render result. So - without seeing your .blend file - I would first suggest checking the sequencer and/or the compositor for anything that may block your render result from being seen.

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Thank you very much @IkariShinji! It turned out I had an alpha over node added in when I was trying to import a smoke render from blender internal. Thank you very much.