["Finished"] SciFi Crate prop

Hello blenderheads,

Finally something serious and, although not quite finished, good enough to show with atleast a bit of pride. :stuck_out_tongue: I started this partly as a texture exercise with the idea of baking this to a 10 poly lowres model, using xNormal. I couldn’t yet get that to work, the UV’s came out horrible mutilated.
Maybe I’ll get it to work, and this can become a, in my opinion, beautifull game prop. We’ll see.

It’s not quite finished, the front part is missing 2 pieces (the black holes in pic 1&2). The texture needs a little bit of work aswell, the rear needs more scratches around the edges.
I still need to create a spec/bump/normal map for this aswell.

For the missing pieces I’m probably going to need another 512x512 or 1024x1024 UV map, but that’ll have to wait a bit.

Crit’s please.

3675 poly’s in the crate itself.
102 poly’s in the pallet.
1x 2048x2048 TGA UV map.

Sorry for wasting your 1.9Mb of bandwith,
Divine Rage

Looking good. very nice texturing.

Some things to take a look at…

Be careful of tiling, you can see the base texture repeating which is a dead giveaway of CG.

The edge wear is nice but a bit too even. Perhaps add some bigger dents/scratches in places where it might get hit a lot. For instance, perhaps the canister fits into some sort of imaginary holder that always dent’s it in the same spot.

A few leaks/drips or stains might be nice, if this is something that would be outside.

I would also work on the model a little more. Perhaps deform the geometry in a few spots, and bevel the edges on the pallet it’s sitting on.

With spec/normal maps this will be very nice. I’m not sure you need a bump map if you have a normal.


Thanks for the crits, I’ll look into it.

The tiling is going to be gone for the most part as I painted the metal. It’s of course worn on alot of places, but it will take care of the tiling.
And you’re right about the scratches, it’s too even.

I made a little specmap, but it didn’t seem to work… Probably my inexperience. I think I’m going to remake the UV map entirely anyhow, the way I’ve created it made a huge mess…

Divine Rage

Not entirely satisfied with it, but I refuse to redo everything. I messed up in the beginning with the UV layout wich required me to add 40 tris more to compensate for the lack of intelligence whilst creating the UV layout. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah well, 60 tris for something like this isn’t bad, I guess… Besides, it was only a texturing exercise.

I started an entirely new UV map this morning, redoing the entire UV layout. But in the end, after half a day working on it, I decided to trashcan it. There were some things in there I liked, but the overal look was wrong.

For an exercise it’s mission accomplished; I learned a hell of a lot from doing this, like UV mapping, general texturing and using xNormal.

Criticise all you want, this thing isn’t going to change. :stuck_out_tongue:

Divine Rage

how do you open it?

im just wondering where the 40 faces are in the low poly are… i can make the same obj with 20 faces. since we cant see the extra detail it might aswell be taken away. (unless the extra detail is more viewable in game when its moving)

Why no spec map? Would make it look much less flat, and could probably easily be made from the normal map.

I messed up in the beginning with the UV layout wich required me to add 40 tris more to compensate for the lack of intelligence whilst creating the UV layout. :stuck_out_tongue:

It didn’t need it, as I said in the first post, I started with a 20 tri object, but after I actually tried to apply the texture to the low poly model, I realised I messed up with creating the UVs. It forced me to add 40 extra tris in order to make it look anywhere similar.

I did create a normal and spec map, atleast for the high res model. But, although it’s applied in the final image, you can’t see it as I just used AO for it.
The spec map didn’t do much anyway, I tried a gazillion setups, but it did not seem to do anything… the normal map on the high poly model didn’t do much either, it was waay too subtle to notice, and if I cranked up the nor value for it, it gave me weird artifacts.

Anyway, as I said before, I learned alot from doing this, and I probably won’t make the same mistakes again.

Divine Rage