[FINISHED] Semi-Realistic Grass Attempt

I am trying to create realistic grass for my scenes and then animate it and the characters.
With each of my scenes, you will see that robot like character. It is because I’m still learning sculpting. That was my very first character model.

Small Update:
Playing around with the hair particle system to create realistic grass.

This is what I achieved so far.

Tweaked the grass material to achieve more realistic result.

I am trying to mimic this one:

Do you have a better reference image? it is too bury.

So far your grass looks good, but more in a cartoony way. for it to be realistic, it needs to be much thinner. different shapes and bending amounts, different shades of color with it getting more yellow towards the tops, and more green towards the bottom. You need multiple grass particle systems. have one for dead grass, really yellow grass, lush grass. ones that poke out all crazy, ones for other plants that might be in the grass, such as dandelions or something. you also need to experiment with clumping some more

So it needs to be thinner. That is what I though after analysing the reference image.

So this is to do:

Make the strands thinner
Add more clump variations
Make a better grass material with more color variations
Then animate the grass and the characters.

I think that’s it. This realism will do for a non-commercial cg film.

It’s really not bad. When you finish this, the next time you go for something like it you will get closer to what you are looking for.

This is the final render. Now I will focus on animating the characters and making their equipments. It looks odd that they are just standing right there like statues.