FINISHED: Space ship. Destroyer

So hey. this is my first post hear, so hey again. Some quick matterials. I want to create a ship then a hangar or space base. But firstly i have to do the right model. The lights in the background they where for creating a nice deep. but i forgot to attacht to them the transparent gradient&blur…

Looks great!

Re-design of front weapon. I think is better… i also resetup the general lightening and background.

great design, and very neat topology, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

For today it is over. In the morning i will fired up full render on full CYCLES options… now i give you vireframe just blast from BI! I do not render rear guns and interior of the engine sorry. But there are close ups on the guns. They have to be fixed in some way specialy front one.

wow, im jealous, you have a real artistic flare, and the modelling skills needed to make it come to life… i have the skills just not the flare lol, well done :slight_smile:

Optimized lightening etc… for faster rendering materials are simple glows/diffuse. I do the UVmap but i’m thinking to do it in simple texture. So now what i have to do is the floor, and i don’t know how about doing the walls or just leave it in darknes… After 18:00 i will start doing somethink now i have extra lessons/exercices so so…

Technical info: 200 samples All settings in CYCLES has been (seted)? to 1024. And it takes to render in 3H. however, on my old 9 years PC with pentium 4 3.2 || 1 giga ram || GF7900 xD! ofc CPU xD

Any suggestions specialy i think i have to re material the rear guns… and generaly the materials orange have to be improved. Thanks alot for support.

wow, im jealous, you have a real artistic flare, and the modelling skills needed to make it come to life… i have the skills just not the flare lol, well done

Thank you so much! that’s for me means so much that someone is thinking such a good words.

Ah sorry for my english but i have long brake with writing.

your welcome mate, do you know what your doing for your next model, i’ll be really interested to see that :slight_smile:

It will be some crouching heavy maschine. With a lot of guns ^^ And it will be mostly flat.

I start making some simple bacgrkound for my ship there will be add soon some cables from 4 sides…

I think i will finish it to the end of the week. I have to think about materials or some texture…

awesome, cant wait, i love robots :slight_smile:
thats cool, is it a platform for the ship to hover on when its parked?

Great design! Good looking render.

click click click RENDER! wooooow oughh yyyy BLENDER CAN DO THAT! (left corner) no idea what the hell is going on there. When you look around there is more bugs just easy to fix it some problems with curve system i thnik i will have to fix it manualy and short that one witch is to long… There will be 2 ships i think!

yes it is a platform for park.

Thank you so much! Good looking render you mean? that one with materials or wireframe?

I have finished setting the camera and ligt for the final shot. tomorow in the morning i will fire up a render and somethink about 18 i will post it hear. there is one milion vertex weeee :D!

List to do:
-full render (check)
-resetings materials after seeing the render
-check the new car paint on a whole ship not only the orange parts.
-node glow a bit. and maybe ray lights i have to play with it

Send work to friend to render. x]

Y’know, I am a big believer in the notion of “anthromorphic space ships.” That space ships, like cars, have a face, and an expression therefore an expressiveness. And therefore, that the best space ship models always have them. And your space ship definitely has a face. It has an expression, almost an attitude, that is … well … somehow absolutely endearing. Like the small animal that has a completely defiant, “don’t (!) with me!!” attitude toward life that completely contradicts its size.

And what I am saying, believe it or not, is … “whatever you do, keep that.” Truly, I mean what I have just said as both a compliment and as a considerable accolade.

The modeling is quite excellent. Much of the work therefore is “masterfully accomplished.” Decisions of exactly how the blaster-weapons will look are of course very fun choices, but they are somewhat secondary. Regardless of what choice you make on those fronts, “don’t draw my eye.” A good spaceship is a character in the show, and this spaceship has “character.”

Woow. Thank you i don’t know what to say. i will remember this post forever! Once again thank you so much!

Decisions of exactly how the blaster-weapons will look are of course very fun choices, but they are somewhat secondary.

i have made 4 versions of those blasters first one was simply the miningun then i switch it to simple cylinder. then i do this one witch is now… and then i use it as for 5(minigun) but it was looking bad… and the caliber was to small.

But now some bad news… i have lessons today from 8:00 to 16:00 so i set all layers ON and press render on CPU. ofc. my old PC didn’t handle that… so i don’t have any render… and i will have to render every layer manualy.

List of layers:
-engines interior (wings)
-ship body
-rear havy guns with cables.

I think i will render background then ship body then guns&rockets and last witch i connect all those layers (cables, engines interior, rear havy guns with cables).

I think that if my PC had not crash. it will render 2000 samples for 3 dayes…
I will have to go to my friend witch has some more powerfull computer with GPU so i will can setup better materials.

3 days! damn, i wont wait longer than 1 hour for a render of 2000 samples, you must have some major patients

Current progres. A lot of work to do! the Walls i think i will aply some texture to it, and they will be darker. And a lot of work to do with materials and i think details! some bridges maybe you know more cables… and generaly materials to do… Maybe some mechanical ARM for i don’t know rearming for other weapons. So i have a lot to do ;]

I think camera is in good place what do you think? there will be a little DOF.

100 samples on 4 cores 4 giga ram my friend… 40 minutes. CYCLES setted everything on 400.

looks gorgeous mate :slight_smile:
do you about the ALT-D trick? instead of duplicating objects with shift-D use alt-D, it will save your render times by reducing the ammount of ram it takes, its a great little trick up blender’s sleeve :slight_smile:

Awesome design imo, but the only thing that lets it down is the horrendous topology in the nose part(causes the weird pinching), fix that and you are golden!


ow thank you i will use that!

actualy those are 2 separate objects that one is the glass. :smiley: hear are links how it looks vier frame i think it is okey :X. What do you think?

can you re-take the screenshot1 again but with subsurf off?