(Finished!) Starling class Fighter

hey guys, this is my latest creation, the starling class fighter…the starling isnt actually its name, its one of 2 names which are both mentioned in the title, i am having trouble deciding which name it should be called. this is whta i have so far, i still have some details to add and i have an issue with the arm things which needs sorting. hope you like it and c&c is appreciated as always.


good job…I think starling sounds better for its look

Damn it looks pretty good :slight_smile:

ok thanks for the comments guys. starling it is!

Yes looks great! Maybe you could give us some more camera angles to let us have a better look at it. Great job!

yea, camera angles, heres one of the thrusters and the second is a test with a halo nebula which is not very good but allows for more lighting possibilitys…i will render top and side veiws .ect. later because it takes a while to render.


another camera angle… i am going to attempt to unwrap the main body, but i can almost guarantee a failure


a squad of starlings… P.S why do my attachment images go all sort of fuzzy when you click them to enlarge them, is there any way to stop this?


why do my attachment images go all sort of fuzzy when you click them to enlarge them, is there any way to stop this?
any ideas anybody. anyway, got a logo for the starlings.


http://img68.imageshack.us/my.php?image=starlingscenefinalru4.jpg ahhhh, its the attachments that was making my images all funny…i quite like this image…what do you think? enjoy!

i think the blast shields (the ones at the front of the ship) need to be reinforced better, they look like they’ll fall off as soon as the ship accelerates.

otherwise it’s your best work yet!

It seems all a little chaotic to me. The blast shields need to be intergrated into the main ship a little better i think. They seem like stuck on objects. If you know what i mean.
However, in saying that, i think it will be the best thing you have done so far.

ok, reinforced the “blast sheilds” and added guns. i am still thinking of a way to intergrate it onto the main ship better. any ideas? http://img98.imageshack.us/my.php?image=starlinggunsnowei8.jpg

started work on the cockpit that wont actually be visible normally, i just have waaaaay to much time.


pretty cool cockpit but whats that white spot? a light?

hmmm, i dint notice the whitye spot… must be the other half of the light at the bottom of the ship.

oh and sorry for no updates in a while, been havin pc problems

I had three platoons out on patrol in a field exercise. Radio call signs: Hawk, Eagle and Falcon. Hawk messed up, big time, the first day. Second day, I changed their call sign to Starling and told them they’d have to earn the right to be called Hawk. They busted their butts that second day so as not to be called Starling instead of Hawk. Just saying.

HAHAHAHAHA omg now thats hilarious. Still Starling is a cool name for a ship, imo anyway.

WOW! This has got to be your best ship ever! Sorry about the uncreative comment but that’s all I can say right now. Also you should put the ship’s name and regestration number on the side of it.

TV Crash: really glad you like it, honesty! :smiley:

one more render before i add the name decal and some more details. http://img219.imageshack.us/my.php?image=starlingfightersch4.jpg