(Finished!) Starling class Fighter

Mmmm. Your last render not so great. I like the close up position of the cockpit. I suggest, get rid of the duplicates to create a single render of the craft. Close up view. Looks shit like that.

hmmm, the only reason i did that render is because fighters are genrally quite small and will be seen as very small from a bigger ships point of veiw, this is just how fighters are seen as part of a larger picture…

starting to add details and a name.

Full name: Starling X-5 GL3 Fighter
Weapons: 4x30mm 5A-GS Cannons with 1100 rounds.
5 Homing BlazeRadius Missiles

Other equiptment: 9 Squad lights with 50 bright LEDs Inside each for squadron identification
I.A.S.A.S.A sensor jammer and stealth feild technology. (intergalactic anti sensor and stealth agency)

some details on the underside

some more underside details…http://img77.imageshack.us/my.php?image=undersidedetailsiz5.jpg

Better then my attempt. The detail is really coming along.

no, your attempt is really quite good, its just i have had more experience…youll get there. and thanks :wink:

Very cool! I may have said this before, but windows on a ship seem very impractical. Just hit a window with one metal slug (A metal slug is like a normal bullet except shot at near the speed of light) and BOOM! The slug gets past all armor.
That’s just my opinion though.

hahaha, your right, its got no real defences against that kind of thing. its is called starling for its incredible speed and maneveurability, and is only flown by veteran pilots…the starling class literally act like starlings, in large groups or not, so the chances are that the metal slug will either miss completely or will just be evaded :evilgrin:. thanks for pointing that out though.:smiley:

pretty much finished modelling now…only one thing left to do…my old enemy…texturing evil music

i have no knoledge of texturing whatsoever…sombody please help!

Just slap on some procedurals.

I have to agree. Procedurals are easy to work with and don’t require UV unwraping.

You definately have talent, though I don’t see them as fighters. A fighter is more of an attack (or strike) craft used for quick, in and out campaigns; these look more like assault craft, which could be used for a more concentrated battle. Good job. And if you want I can send you some info on texturing.

Oooh, ooh, ooh, could you send me some too please? I’m very interested in effective methods to texture spacecrafts.

ohh, please send texture help, i will use procedrals on starling though.

the type of ship really depends on it’s role.

in my opinion, a fighter destroys other fighters of similar size, a assault craft disables cruisers and freighters so they can be boarded, and an interceptor takes out the heavy bombers.

(i think this ship would be an interceptor.)

Fighters are there to take out enemy bombers and their escorts and to escort their own bombers or protect a target from enemy bombers. If fighters only existed to destroy fighters they’d have no use in a war.

fighters really do a little bit of everything, if there are other bombers of cruisers, then usually their objective will be to protect them. If there are only fighters and/or battleships on their sides, then usually the fighters objective will be to knock out the enemy escort (normally consisting of other fighters)

i have just discovered that i am bad at procedrals too…

Here, I wrote a shot tutorial on how to UV unwrap and on how to apply UV textures. http://www.savefile.com/files/1199272
You’ll have to download it though. Sorry.:o
Do tell me if something is wrong with it. I wrote it like five minutes ago so there migh be some flaws.
It’s a .doc file by the way.

ahhh, thanks for the tut, very helpful, i will see if i can start Uving immediately, ther is somthing that i am confused about though, when saving UV layout it just says python script error: check console… :frowning: