Finished stuff for mod projects

here I post my finished stuff for mod projects such as Skyblivion or Fallout Miami.

Goblin - Skyblivion

Stature of Azura

Some cloth stuff:
Dreamer cloth - Fallout Miami (jacket is not my work)

clothing - Skyblivion

Will update this with some finished work from time to time.


Dreamer cloth - Fallout Miami (jacket is a modified version of what you can find in game)


Cool stuff! Can’t to see the final mod of Fallout Miami! Keep seeing cool images and videos.

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concept by skyblivion team, model by me.

concept by Cameron August in Fallout Miami team, model by me.

3 hrs stream of making the dagger from 0 to almost 95%

I had to fix the uvs and texturing off camera! cause I was running out of mobile data!

there are more stuff then this but I wish to log these here.