Finished superhero sidekick. Matrix style animation.

This is the final 180 degree sweep I had too submit for a competition. The theme was to design and create a sidekick for an existing comic book superhero. This is ‘Debris’ (Jean De Brissiere) sidekick to doctor octopus.

It is now finished due to time restrictions, thanks to all who have offered their advice on this project.

100% Blender Publisher.

The overall look of the character is set to mimic the original Marvel and DC Comics type characters.

You will need the DIVX 5 codec to view the animation.



Thanks to Stephen2002 for his large attachment file size at Solar flare Studios.

Not bad… Maybe a little too shiny. You could try changing the color of the spec, turning it down, and turning the hardness way down. So that you have a darker color covering all the lit faces. (I like to use about .2 spec and 6-12 hard.)

Very good looking though.

Great job on this one sonix, looks like a real toy superhero… No real crits from me :wink:

  1. pofo


Cool :slight_smile: