Finished website (sorta)

Ok, first of all… i’m horrible at websites, but i’m quite proud of this one!!!

plz tell me what you think

It looks very orange. But you didn’t need me to tell you that…

The “mercedes” in the downloads section has an Audi grill :-?

LOL OMG!!! i named the zip file mercedes lol its actually an audi!!! hahah i’ll change that now… omg

great gallery! pretty cool site too…your boat picture has some nice texturing and lighting :smiley:

Very orange… umm are you addicted to Blender’s orange? Just kidding. :slight_smile: Like your gallery, but need some more! :slight_smile:

well… as everyone said, it’s orange :slight_smile: the orange colour however is ok. it’s not too bright. the problem is with the blue colour. it’s wrong, doesn’t go along with the orange too well. try something different for the text… gray, or…white…

I love cubes, so the cube is nice. but the colours you have used there, again, are a bit too bright. I see you used pure colours… but I would try to blend them a bit… to fit better to the orange background.

the biggest problem is, that I have 1024x768 here at work, and I have to scroll your navbar… “gallery links tutorials downloads” don’t fit to the space you have there… I suggest you scale them down 50%. also, the thumbnails of images dont fit the space, I have to scroll that window sideways.

the last thing: if you click gallery. then click something else, like links or tutorials, whatever, the thumbnails stay in the sideframe…

still, it’s very good start… small adjustements here are there and you have a great site running.

p.s. I liked the renderings on your gallery, nice models and lighting! how did you do the grass on the plane-scene?

Great work!
The cars could use envmaps, and more specularity, so they wouldn’t look so matte…

how’d you make the grass on the model airplane pic? i never managed to make anything as good as that… :-?

Hey guys, thanks for the comments, i’m working on reducing size so easy to see on 1024x768

hehe everyone loves the grass…
The grass was done with Ripstings script, then i just copied,rotated,moved and so on

Thanks for the comments