[Finished Works]

Hey guys,
me again. I posted a thread earlier asking for feedback on some of my work and my portfolio. I’ve taken a lot of them (even though it’s a work in progress) and fixed up my site. What do you think?


Thanks :slight_smile:

The website looks nice. Images are not clickable though. Is it because it’s in work in progress stage ?

Yeah that seems to be confusing everyone :frowning:
My work is actually only found under the Pages tab under “photography” or “graphic design” or “3D art”, the home-page always gets everyone stuck - but I have no idea what to do with such a small knowledge of web-design :frowning:

nice. seen these before somewhere. i really like these ones:



thanks! :slight_smile: Yeah you might have seen them around cuz I’ve put up some WIPs etc before.