This took 6 days to render on my P4 2.8Ghz! Check out the caustics and sand. Rendered in yafray.

Reference stock image:

glass looks nice, caustics also, but sand is not a sand:) bottle made of glass with liquid inside, will never stand on top of sand surface without “sinking” in it. (excuse me my english).
maybe make Z pass in blender internal and use it to make dof in gimp instead of dof from yafray - this will maybe let you reduce render time.

uhhh…its “wet” sand? :wink:

Would you say that the sand looks like sand? I just used a noisy cloud texture as a normal modifier.

it looks more like sandstone;)
look here:

in the forground it looks more like sandpaper! :frowning:

Really nice! Very realistic, and the materials of the bottle look fantastic! Great render!

Keep up the great work!

Yeah, I tend to agree about the fakeness of the sand. I tried using particles to create it but they didnt work so well. I will try to do the same thing again and see how it goes.

Yeh this is really great, but I think you could make it look nicer with better composition (i.e. maybe a different, more interesting camera angle)…

I agree with everyone else about the sand. I think the texture’s probably ok, but what you’re lacking is some form to the sand - sand is never entirely flat!

maybe use sculpt mode to create sand.

the glass and caustics look great.
the lack of a noticeable shadow makes it look a bit off to me.
and like budcai said, you should sink it into the sand a bit.

damn nice lighting. Is it at the bottom of the ocean? that would look pretty cool if you used caustics on that too, like have caustics on the waves and stuff

Great image, although I agree with the comments so far about the sand and lack of shadows.

6 Days!! WOW! That’s why I tend to get a tad irate when people complain about how “slow” Indigo is. If you rendered this in Indigo, you would most likely have had the same quality in about a day and you would have got caustics automatically. Just a thought.

I think your bottle and caustics look nice, but I agree with the others about the sand. Its not bad, just not quite realistic either.

However, something like this should take about 15 minutes to an hour to render in yafray. You’ve got some setting turned up way too high.

6 Days?..yeah, gotta side with frodo on this one(thouhg Im not much of a yafray guy myself)
andyway, teh caustics look pretty nice, but this image needs for presentation as well. Its ratehr blland eas it is, maybe try some glow or something, anything to make it a bit more interesting.

Also, the lghitng doesnt emphasis the shapes very well, which is unfortunate, because strong lighting can make an scene so much better.

But keep it up man!