Finishing Model for 3D Printing for a Birthday Present

Hi Everyone,
I already asked for advice on how to finish my model for colored 3D printing in the support forum.
But because I haven’t received any help yet and I’m still unable to do it by myself, I repost it here as a Volunteer Work. The figure is supposed to be a birthday present for a friend whose birthday is in the next few days.

So I would be really thankful if someone could have a look on it :slight_smile:

Here is the File:!63057&authkey=!AHJn1vgTSKBxxvc&ithint=file%2Cblend

Well i did only 1 color 3d prints but first when you send it to the printers you need to specify the size in my model i did it 1:1 mm but on 3d printer software they needed to scale it x100 … so with the model send specific sizes you want the model to bee.
The 3d printer company that will make this should tell you what you need to do. But if the printer is reading colors from 3d model your model shood be good for printing expect the hair going down on the side of the head. Printers dont print down so ther will be a suport print going from the base up to the hair that 3d printer will print and will be needet to clean up. Sorry that i cant hellp mor but you should send it to the printing company that will print it they should be able to tell what to doo.