Finishing the game

I’m a high school student and, for a school supported contest called TSA, I have to be able to put a blender game I create onto a CD, and it has to be playable without downloading anything. So, is this possible with Blender? I’ve used it for a year or so now but never tried, and if it is can someone please explain.
In other words, I need the game to be playable from a CD WITHOUT having to actually download anything to play it. Thanks fore helping.

Yeah, you’ll have to create a standalone executable. You can do this with Blender’s ‘Save Runtime’ add-on (2.56). I’d still test it out on the school’s computer, though.

Just make an executable and keep trying to run it and copying *.dll files from the blender folder to your game folder until it runs without errors.

I found I needed to copy a load of *.dll files last time I made an executable. All the needed files can be found in the same folder as your blender.exe file.

Make sure you test it on another computer (preferably one which you don’t do dev work on) before publishing. A program that you have installed on your computer may have registered a .dll that blender uses so you might miss including that in with the game.

The latest run-time add-on allows for copying of DLL files automatically - make sure that option is ticked when you go to export the runtime (on the side menu, where the file menu opens asking where to save the runtime file).

To be sure you can copy your blender installation folder onto the CD = no download ;). But you shouldn’t need that for a standalone.

I think you should include Python on the CD. A few times a game worked on my PC but was giving errors on other computers because they don’t use Blender and don’t have Python installed.

Okay, thanks. I’ll make sure to try, but another question I’ve had is if I had a game made in Blender before the beta, will I be able to run it propely with the new beta anyway? Basically, if I open a game I made before beta will it still work fine, or will there need to be some rearranging done?

Yeah, that should work, as long as you make the game in a 2.5 version and open it with a similarly 2.5 version. If you make it in 2.49, it would work in 2.56 (beta or otherwise), as long as you don’t use Python (different APIs).

How exactly do I do that? I looked under export and there wasn’t a save runtime, and when I looked for it online I couldn’t find anything? Do I have to export it that way in another way?

Did you get the 2.57 Release Candidate? If so, make sure the ‘Save as Runtime’ add-on is enabled in the User Preferences > Add-on section. When it is, you should be able to export an executable using the Export > Save as Runtime add-on (I think).

This is very urgent. I can’t install anything on the computer, even from the disk, but everytime I run it on another computer it says python31.dll is missing. I copied both dll and python that time. But when I just copy .dll it says something about an error with runtime. I need help within then ext 6 hours, so please help.

Also, here’s the file so you can inspect it and maybe help me with it. If there’s any way to get rid of the python please tell me too.

Sorry, it says the attatchment is actually too big to attach :confused: Well anyway, thanks for any help you an provide, and it’s very appreciated.

Hey, check to see what the error says. More than likely, it’s because you didn’t copy all of the dlls present in the Blender folder to the executable - copy them all, and the runtime should work fine.
EDIT: You don’t really need all of them, but most, so you might as well go ahead and copy it all to ensure that the game will run.
DOUBLE EDIT: If you want to upload the file, put it on MediaFire, for example. I’ll see if I can check back on this thread a bit later to hopefully solve the problem in time.

here’s the mediafire link if you want to try and give it a go

EDIT: Never mind - it’s too late. Well, if you’re still having trouble (and can do it), see what the error messages are. If it’s something about being unable to make an executable or read a blend file, take off the last ‘.exe’ from the filename.