Finn Aqua


(stanland) #1


It’s been a while since i have posted my work on blender forums. This is my personal project that i made to further developed my CGI skills.

Blender Cycles, photoshop

(lacilaci86) #2

pretty cool

(Gustavo) #3

It pleases very much to my sight the finished work!
I love people who take their knowledge to the professional level and demonstrate with a simple scene that blender is not just a simple free tool, it is a BIG FREE MODELING TOOL OF PROFESSIONAL LEVEL.

(stanland) #4

I sculpt it and it was quite challenging to do at first attempt! :slight_smile:

(stanland) #5

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(alf0) #6

amazing work !!!

(stanland) #7

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Si Rogers) #8

Sculpted! KUDOS!

(tomiv87) #9

That water is damn convincing for a sculpt.
I would’ve bet that is a fluid sim following curve. Just curious, did you try that method or why you decided to sculpt that?

Is the berries mostly array and curve modifiers, or did you sculpt those too?

Anyway, cool render man!

(stanland) #10

I had no idea how to make a nice water spiral splash in blender using blenders own simulation tools, at the moment blender does not have a very good liquid simulation tools, it will probably change in the future, maybe?
I have seen that many talanted artists also sculpt a very believable water stuff, so i decided to give it a try. I also liked that idea that i had a good control with my own water splash by sculpting it by my self.

Raspberries was a basic box modelling, no sculpting with those berries! :slight_smile:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #11

You’re #featured :+1:

(Matias Raassina) #12

A really cool result! This could easily be an advertisement on a professional level.

And by the way, it’s cool to see some Finnish art in these forums :wink:

(IDSG) #13

Mhhh it makes me thirsty ! Done i like it ! Good job ! :grinning:

(rombout) #14

Wow sculpting that splash seems very tedious job. Well done

(Richard Terry) #15

Fantastic job!

(stanland) #16

After you sculpt a few water splashes it’s definitely gets easier to do them, but yes it takes some time to do it right! :slight_smile:

(stanland) #17

Thanks! :slight_smile: