Finn, Star Wars VII

This is my first attempt of modeling the Finn face (John Boyega), that appears in Star Wars the Force awakens

Current progress:


Looking good so far. Good likeness! :smiley:

Yeah, looks solid! Would be cool to see more!

Very good likeness! What are your plans for this? Is it just an exercise?

Thanks a lot for your replies, I would like to make an animation (capture motion) and timelapse. this is the last images

More advanced;)

Great job of capturing his look. I think thats the hardest thing as an artist when your recreating something everyone knows and has looked at closely, the smallest things can make them look not like them. But this is pretty dang close. Great work.

Cool progress!

Yeah I agree that the little things make a good result, ;).

Very nice. The model is fine and the skin shader looks great with the bump that you added. The edgeflow is a bit unconventional, though. There are many poles which maybe will become a problem, if you want to give him facial expressions. But I see that the topology works well for the mouth shape.

Thanks minoribus!!!, there is too many poles beacause I have tried to resolve it with the least possible number of polygons, only 660. Facial expressions are not a problem because I’ll hold with a displacement map once the subdiv modifier was applied.:slight_smile:

Nice. I like your work a lot. Want to try modelling a human model after i done with my current work. But what do minoribus meant by pole? Sorry, i am new to modelling.

Thanks! yes I want :yes:. this is the last picture:

This is my first hair attemp:

With other lighting:

Brilliant work! You’ve captured the likeness really well!

Hey Peter glad you like!! thanks a lot!

hi Cesar, nice advance, I like much the eyes and the lighting with dark background looks more dramatic!

Thank you very much, I keep working :evilgrin:

This is my first attemt of facial rig, this is very complex but I keep working…:spin:

Really amazing and complex work that you’re doing! You’re very inspirational