Finnaly I Got a scanner! Some of my recent works. :) UPDATE!

Crits welcomed.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

sorry if pics are too big.

Oh, ps… can someone point me toward a PS begginer tut. :expressionless:

Some good sketches, I hope you’re gonna blend them.

Sorry, I was feeling like a bit of a smart ass today so I corrected the colours for you, always good to do on scanned pencil sketches I reckon.

I don’t know offhand of any Photoshop tutorials but there’s plenty on Google. Depends what you want to do. To correct colours like this just go to the top menu choose Image >> Adjustments >> Levels and then mess about with the sliders.

Good sketches, really nice.

Some really awfull paper you use :smiley: looks really crappy.

I love the first fella, he is really cool.

Thanks for the replies guys! And thanks Cheif for that bit of info. :smiley: The paper is crappy because it’s that browinsh sketch paper.

And I have alredy started blending that big croc type guy. I will maybe post it later this week.

a bit of an update.

Please crop your images. There’s a lot of unused negative space that makes it difficult to see the actual picture.

Sorry, I will do it in the next update.

the first one and the most recent one seem the coolest and in my opinion the better ones…
With the cop… her hands seem a bit too small and her left shoulder is too far from her body.
The ninja chick [I assume its a chick] is fine except for her hand and sword… kinda seems like you were running out of paper and wanted to fit in as much as you could…

I dont think the paper is bad at all… looks like a textured sketching paper to me… the scanner just seems to pick up all the smudges and pecil lines… they have a tendancy to pick up all the little details that make drawings and photos look bad… that just takes some simple post proccessing to fix… try fiddling with the contrast and brightness… that usualy helps…

I’m not sure what effects your looking for in photoshop but this site here has alot of tutorials for photoshop including some after effects like smoke and stuff…

Over all a good job :stuck_out_tongue: … keep updating!


:slight_smile: polykarbon is where I learned anime but never knew they had PS tutorials. Thanks for all the help.


This is more of my style…anime is still my weak point but I like drawing concept. :slight_smile:

Crits welcomed ^ :smiley:



Once again, I stress that a person should NOT strive at achieving an “anime style.” The generic anime style is something I consider quite negative, but its reasons are really quite clear: major animation corporations can’t afford to support and retrain for different styles, so they come up with the best “one size fits all” format they can.

But don’t you do it. Integrate various concepts from anime sources if you so care to, but experiment toward developing your own individual abilities.

Thank you for the support. I have been realising for the past year that art is what you make of it…not others and I have stoped drawing anime not becasue I am terribly bad at it but because my talent lay in a diffrent topic. Now that I have realised that I will continue to do what’s best and more artisticly comfortable.