Fin's things : Scrapbook

Hi folks… decided to create a little scrapbook of the things I create… any/all feedback is welcome.





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Thats some really cool looking stuff you have going on there…

Thanks man… haven’t posted anything here in ages… if you’d like me to post a .blend file for anything just let me know.

Metablobs 2.79 > 2.8 workflow

Your animations are extremely mesmerizing! I hope you can post some more tutorials because I think I have a lot to learn about physics animations. Definitely subscribed.

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Thanks so much…:blush:

This is actually and oldie… but I thought I’d add it here… mostly done with #animation nodes…

That last one is pure eyecandy :slight_smile:

With the creator of the addon now being someone paid by the BF, I hope we see the ability to do stuff like that and more once Everything Nodes is developed.

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Hey thanks… yeah really looking forward to see how Everything Nodes comes together… the future is bright!

Partigirl : #eevee NPR experiment

Another Eevee thing…

Tron Loop Eevee render.

Colorful Junkball (Eevee)

Ballbag (Cycles)

Some highlights from my 36 days of type all rendered in eevee

More highlights from my 36 days of type all rendered in eevee