Fintan's Sketchbook

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I thought I’d start a thread for my traditional artwork starting with some of my Inktober 2016 sketches




graphite sketches, focus is on anatomy, form and line

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a selection of made up head doodles

more head doodles

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charcoal doodles this time

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Wooo! Ragnar, love it! Great use of ink. I’m watching the 4th season, what a great serie :smiley:

I’ve been busy (obsessed?) with trying to improve my anatomy knowledge. Here’s some back studies from various secondary sources

portrait practise

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Very good drawing !

thanks threedslider

Wow I love your work!

thanks @SandraDau

still working on portraits. This time following Rob Liberace’s video;

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continuing to work on portraits using charcoal

Nice sketches. Anatomy can be so hard to learn.

Wow!! Nice drawings with wonderful inking

Thanks Jason

Such an amazing sketches! Your pencil sketches looks real. Love your artistic ideas!

portrait sketches in graphite after Mau-kun Yim. His book and online training is excellent

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love it! Nothing more to say!