Fire and Fluids in blender game engine ( 2.65 )

I realy like to know how can i use fluid simulation after i bake it in bge, after all it is very light to the system and there is no performance reason for it not to take place in bge, The same goes to a light fire simulation, it works smoothly on viewport, so why cant i use it in bge, can someone here please help me with this ? Thanks in advanced .

You can use particle fires or make your own using GLSL. Google search (or search on BlenderArtists) “easyEmit” or “X-Emitter”. I don’t know about fluid, I can only think of ‘softbody’, a physics type.
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As far as I know, you can’t really use baked fluid simulations in the game engine because every frame of the simulation is saved as a separate object. If every one of those objects had the same number of vertices then you could just use shape keys but that is not the case. If you want really good realtime water then I suggest you use GLSL for reflection/refraction shading and python for wave simulation.
You might also need to manipulate the normal map to get small ripples in places where objects touch the surface.

Even if you go trough all that trouble you would only get the water surface, not real waves and simulation.

Thank you both :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find a working version for blender 2.65, is there any solution ?

^ Couldn’t find a working version of what? Are you looking for EasyEmit or X-Emitter? I don’t know about EasyEmit, but X-Emitter should be working for the most recent build of Blender. If it isn’t, I can get it to a working state (though it would be more efficient to write your own particle system).