Fire and smoke using an emitter and reactor

I downloaded the Blender Art Magazine yesterday and went through Coyhot’s smoke tutorial. I loved his fire video tutorial that he made a few months ago and now with the smoke, I wanted to add the two together. But as far as I can see the emitter (fire) and reactor (smoke) have to be on the same layer or the reactors are never born. I need them to be on different layers as far as I can see because I need to use render layers so I can run them both through different node setups. I’ve had a little success having them in the same layer, baking them, then moving the reactors to a different layer. This has had problems too. For one I have multiple spherical fields that I want affecting the fire but not the smoke and I have a wind field that I want just affecting the smoke. If I bake them in the same layer I don’t know how to apply some fields to specific particle systems.
I hope I made my problem clear. :o
Thanks for your help

I have a problem too.I have a sphere for fire and smoke emitter and reactor visualisation objects repsectively,but when i try to render it , it does not render the smoke and the console output says no sphere object found.

MrNoodle. You can see the objects in the viewport but the cansole says “no sphere object found”?? I don’t know… It sounds like a bug I don’t know the new particle system that well yet. I made a simple scene with an emitter and reactor that have objects as the particles and it renders fine. You can download it here and let me know.
If it doesn’t work you can try downloading a new build at to see if there is a bug in 2.46

Still can’t figure it out :spin:
Does anyone know how the new particle system docs are coming along? The docs are the best part of the release! :evilgrin: