Fire animation renders

Some of my fire simulations I’ve done using Blender 2.5 smoke simulator during this year.

Candle Flame:

Mancandy - The master of fire

Torch and wind

Any comments and critic are welcome! I also need ideas for my future smoke simulator stuff. :confused:

Impressive work :smiley:

Some of the best fire effects I’ve seen done with the smoke simulator so far

That candle is amazing! Can’t wait to test out your new patch!

You truly are the master of the smoke sim, Miikah :slight_smile:

Mancandy looks awesome!

Great work though. And I know everyones saying it, but perhaps a quick video run-though of how you set something like this up (like the smoke sim settings for the fire) would be great. :wink: Im guessing its 2 different smoke simulations? One for the fire and one for the smoke emitted from the same object?

Btw I have a request. In another thread genscher wrote a while ago:

The current smoke code is very well able to simulate paper-alike smoke with the addition of fuel (not only my hacky option to “dissapate” smoke) und the ignition/heat/core flame process. :yes:
That’s not so much and the results are already proven in the papers. Actually putting that fuel into smoke code is about 10 lines coding (copy-pasting even). So anyone saying that extending the code is “way too much” propably didn’t look at it :no:

Could you implement a fuel option?

Just awesome. The smoke after mancandy blasts his torch… phenominal!
Keep it up.
And maybe a tutorial?

Thanks for your comments!

@Raub: I don’t know about genscher, but I can’t see any simple way implementing fuel to that current system. :frowning:

@UFOsAreReal: I already made a tutorial:

But lets stay on topic for now. :slight_smile:

Awesome!! :evilgrin:

These are amazing! The man candy one is especially brilliant.

Thanks for the tutorial too!