Fire Animation

An animation of fire I made using Blender 2.5 Alpha. The coloring isn’t too great since I forgot to add any red.

looks pretty awesome, I haven’t been around much I guess blender can do decent flames now, sweetness

You would be surprised with what Blender can do with the new smoke simulator. Assuming you have enough time to bake the thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Great job. 5/5. My only crit would be it is too yellow at the beginning. May be more orange and red. At the end it seems it was going to turn to a more realist color but the combustible was all burned out :(:o

Great Work.

Wow, brilliant. The beginning looks like a meteor flying upwards :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody! I checked the .blend file and I realized that I turned the red’s alpha value to zero in the color ramp. I think I’ll change it and change the camera angle. Maybe I’ll add some ground, but I doubt I have enough computer power to do that. Also, the smoke ends way to soon and looks like its sitting further back. Weird.
EDIT: Just finished another animation, and it’s up on Youtube. I enabled added more reds and oranges to this one, giving it a more realistic look. I also enabled Dissolve so the fire ends before it leaves the screen. I think I’ll wirk of of this and add some more objects like ground and possibly firewood.

That’s very realistic tlehmann. you got a blend file to have a look see?

good, but this one is better:

Where do you guys find these sites? Genious. Thanks