Fire around a forcefield?


I want to make an animation of a ship entering the atmosphere and have its star trek type shield burn on entry. Ive very little experience with particles.

This is what i was thinking in my mind how it would go.

Parent sphere to ship and have translucent material.
Have another sphere just above and have part of it generate the fire.
Set first sphere to boundry??
Then set wind (or something) to blow the fire around the sphere.

Does thst seem logical or have i got it all wrong? Also is it possible to get rid of smoke? Or have very little

What you have in mind sounds about right, but I think you’re making it more complex than it needs to be… I don’t think you need particles, and you could use the fact that the flames go upwards instead of wind…

One thing you have to do is turn right down the amount Flow Source Surface in the sphere’s Smoke Emit settings. Myself, I turned it right down to .01. This means there’s little enough fire that you can see through it.

Thanks for the advice. Here’s a picture of the kind of effect I’m after.

There is this thread - unfortunately no tutorial

Yeah that looks like what I’m after…but no tutorial. It’s a crime. Can we send the tutorial police to his house!

That was in 2014… he then did his latest (final?) “… animation was made with MODO” (Published on Aug 26, 2016)
entry starts @ ~ 4:20