Fire balls

Hi, I’ve just made these 3 fire balls :

It wasn’t really hard to make, but it really looks good.
What do you think of it.

Looks sweet! But not much like fire. It almost looks as if a softbody or a liquid of some sort. But it really does look good!

Protoplasm, more like.

Yes, you’re right not really like fire after all;
I used a sphere and I applied fractal to it several times, then for the material I used halo with a little bit of tweaking, I saw that in a tutorial a long time ago.
For the animation I used a wave modifier.

it may not look like fire, but it looks really REALLY cool. Can you post some more specific info on how to make them?

Step 1

Make a UV sphere “space bar -> add -> mesh -> uvsphere”

Step 2

Duplicate the uvsphere “shift + D-key”, and make the duplicated sphere a bit bigger than the first.

Step 3

give it a material, then go to Texture buttons(F6) and give it a “clouds” texture.

Step 4

Tab into edit mode with the big sphere we just created and gave a clouds texture to, and find in the Editing(F9) panel the “noise” button, press it several times, you will notice the sphere being deformed acording to the clouds texture.

Step 5

Go back to object mode and remove the clouds texture (just select “none”)

Step 6

Still with the big sphere, here are the material settings:

R = 1.000
G = 0.800
B = 0.000

sort of orange;

click on “Halo” and go to “shaders” panel, set “HaloSize” to 0.050 instead of 0.500

ste the alpha value to 0.350

Step 7

Still in object mode, add a wave modifier to the big sphere and tweak the “speed” and “height” attributes to get what you want.

I tried it too, but I just get (halo) dots on the places of the vertecis… What did I do wrong?

In fact halo dots are what you are supposed to get, but try add a subsurf modifier, it will increase the amount of vertices and it will look better i guess.


I just tried to make something that looks more like fire, a ring that’s burning, the only problem is when the rotation is over it looks less like fire. Click on my signature to see the video