Fire Effect

Hey. In my game, I am looking to add arrows that ignite on hit, and I am trying to think of a way to make the unfortunite person that is hit, ignite with the arrow. how can I model the fire the enemy is ingulfed in?

try to find special effect tutorial in game, there’s plenty lot out there

Assuming you know how to make fire in the game engine:

Add a property to the arrow (call it Fire for ease of reference)
Add logic to the person/people getting hit that says

Collision: And cont Edit object <you might need a few of these object blocks
Property Add object
Fire fireparticle

For a tut on how to make fire, go to the Blender: Noob to Pro wikibook

I know how to make the arrow flame and the logic on the person, I just need to know how to make the enemy look like he’s on fire

Actually, to think about it, Micro, the fire you had on the jetpack on your kirby game looked pretty good, could you tell me how to do that?

Sorry about my first post, that had a lot of spaces that didn’t show up.

I said that you need to add logic to tell the person model that IF Collision, Property, Fire, Then Edit Object, Add Object, Fireparticle

Right. I understand that. I’m looking for the eyecandy, making it look like he is on fire. Sorry if I misunderstand you…

there are a lot of ways to accomplish this… Just think about how you would implement an animated gif of the flaming guy in the ge…

You could do it with images on planes, like an animated gif, or you could create the flames with bones for movement and use ipo of flames and guy… it just depends on what you think you can do…

how do you make the fire? two alpha plane overlaping? or using particles?

Ititrix: I guess thats a good Idea, I’ll try it.

Maniaz: Thats kinda what I’m looking for…

You could do something like so:

get a “sprite sheet” with different stages of fire.
add as many planes as stages.
uv map one stage to each flame.
put them all in a different layer.
add an empty parented to you character.
have it add the planes in order and make them all have a Z linV value.
give them all a different lifetime.
If you get all that done, it should look somewhat good.

Great Idea Turin! I’ll try all of these. Thanks

How can you make a video texture play in the game engine once you’ve got it mapped and everything?

errrr you cant execept if you have a plugin… I think you can find something like this in Blendenzo 's website but its only for windows I think and its a bit to confusing for me lol

Well, if its a gif, I’m pretty sure that it will automatically play…

here is my attempt…

a flaming susan :smiley:

no! try it and see :smiley:

Aah, the video texture player (Idiot me). that actually makes scene. Thanks again Mmph! I’ll be trying some more of these methods.

I stand corrected.