Fire Flower

Absolutly lovely!


I can understand why this was chosen as the splash. It is eye-catching and really makes you question what you’re seeing. “Is it real or is it CG?”

somebody in this thread stated that the glare effect was done using mixed gradients and alpha mapped textures or something…what about the particles flying around the flowers.Is that done in blender or some other tool.As for the picture ,it is unbelievable.keep it up!!:slight_smile:

I smelled the roses…and now i don’t have nose hairs. :-] Grate work!

Hey, I found this deko picture on amazon which looks suspiciously like this. I am wondering, was this done with Your permission or is there a copyright infringement happening?

That is pretty amazing and close to something I have been needing.

i would love to see a tutorial for this :smiley:

nice Fire Flower

Love it… I am constantly amazed with blender and its users. Great work my friend.

This is simply amazing!
Once again reminds me how much room for improvement there’s still left for me. :wink:

Ouch, I got burnt looking at it. Very interesting and appealling effects.

I guess I misunderstood the HINT FAQ 1/10… geez I’ve been doing this for years…
At one time I posted an image that included this on the splash screen, because I thought it was one of the more fancier/well rendered blender splashs.
Good work!


Very well done

Very well done

Is there a tutorial for this somewhere?

I like it. I think I know how you did this because I’ve done something similar in 2D (photoshop).

Tastes great! Less filling! Keep up the good work!

Very, very nice. Very creative, and amazing skills!

I’m really impressed with the simple beauty of it, I’ll need to try something like this myself.