Fire fox plugin

I keep getting this better surf 1.1 wanting to install as a firefox plug in. I find a folder already in programs and delete it and it is back again.
How come this on gets popped up and my computer just does not block it like others?

Have you tried uninstalling it from the thingy in the control panel?

Thanks. Its not installed it just keeps trying to install . i do not know where I got this thing. Ill use my c cleaner. There must be something on my computer that keeps bringing it up.

Have you done a quick virus and/or malware scan just to be sure, it could be something more sinister since a harmless program will not just reappear constantly on your machine without your permission.

Some toolbars that come bundled on the install of another program tend to be a bit annoying to get rid of. Once installed, even if you unstall them the “correct” way often you still need to unset the search engine, uninstall extensions, unset the homepage and even unset the keyword search engine (what gets called when you write something on the address bar that doesn’t look like a web address), in each one of the browsers you got installed.

But yeah, could be something worse than a bundled adware and search engine hijacker.

Had something similar, BrowseFox, had to use Malwarebytes to get rid of it.

To get rid of such things in your browser - just reset it to initial settings -

I forgot about this post thanks for the replays. I used c cleaner and the thing has not been back. The funny thing is I have not installed any software lately. I have AVG free and it has seen nothing. I did click on a texture image in yahoo images that was redirected to a porn site not the address posted under the image. I do not know what that is called, highjacked.
Anyway it is gone now… I think.