Fire Hose

I’m participating in Andrew Price’s photo-realistic contest (on his site) and this is my entry.

I’d like to read your comments.

unusual point.
add some dirt. if this used, it has to have not glossy arreas on chrome tubes, elements, try to rotate camera to 1 degrees in local Z axis, add distortion, and dirt, yes

you know when this kind of metal used, it has yellowish friction parts, and fabric has dark parts, red field has to have some divorce from rags. also bolts are not red they are metallic. add some wave deformation to car corpus itself, it is not flat as shown. metal has deformations. rounded corners has to be grounded - how they manufactured? pressed? than add some post-press deformations. if welded, add creepy mesh, if on bolts - add bolts

idea is cool. you have to make it till end