Fire hydrant

My first piece of work in a while
Criticism welcome

Some editing in photoshop

Some stuff at back

Hi, the basic shape is recognizable,
but the screws look too thin. Give them a brighter material and make them slightly bigger.
Also the connections doesn’t look quite functional. Some different materials may help to improve them.
Also you have a slight uv-map error on the cylinder, maybe the subsurf option is not enabled for uv map?


Tried to make it look more night-timey

Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:
I’ve made the screws bigger(not rendering till i check everything) and i think i solved the uv problem in the middle. What i don’t get is what you mean by connection. Please explain.

I mean the part, where you attach the tubing:

there is a visible space between these parts (as you can see especially on the left side, and it got hex heads for accessibility )

Added visible space

with a little bit of editing

added bigger hex-heads

This is the same image with the opacity on the hard light colorized hue/saturation layer in photoshop set to hire opacity. What do you think?

Added some chains

Perhaps you can tell us something about your plan for this piece. At the moment it isn’t clear what you want to achieve and therefore it isn’t easy to comment something. Why do you present your work in such a blurry way? It’s hard to see anything :slight_smile:

Sorry about that i’ll get rid of the radial blur :slight_smile: About what the scene’s trying to achieve I’m just trying to make a scene where the focal point is the fire hydrant. Maybe i’ll add some street lights in the background. Also i’m trying to go for a night timey look which is why why i’m using the hue/sat layer in ps.

the nuts have to touch the surface, otherwise the connection does not look believable.

good progress on the nuts and chains so far. But perhaps show us some clay renders without effects. There we can see the detail without the textures. Right now it is hard to tell

Here it is with streetlamps in bg i also pressed hex into it more

Here’s a good tutorial that deals specifically with a fire hydrant and using it for a game asset.


Here it is with higher glossiness

@GLakie thanks for the tut!:slight_smile:

I’ve decided to go back to normal amount of glossiness

Added extra detail to the hydrant and few glow effects to it in photoshop but don’t worry no radial blur on this one :smiley: