Fire in a scene

I wanted to make a room scene, including candles and a log fire in a fireplace. It would end up as a video.
But when i look at creating a fire in blender, they all take some time to start, baking etc. How do i get an already burning fire in the scene?
Just get a video?

You can use negative frames in the timeline to start the simulation before frame 1…
First, set use negative frames in Preference > Animation Tab
Now before you bake the sim…in your cache set the beginning frame to say -20…
so on the playback starting at frame 1, you will already have a fire blazing…
you might need to tweak it so that there isn’t a noticeable jump as the anim loops… adjust the negative and end frames till it looks good.

Happy Blending!

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you can also use a texture to control the flow.

Thanks for your help