Fire jumping location in render only

Using 2.91 and rendering a fire simulation with Eevee. Got everything working great at first. Got it flowing and rendering how I want in the viewport, but when I actually start rendering out frames, the fire jumps around. Can’t figure out why. Doesn’t do that in the viewport.

Viewport on top
final Render on bottom

The fire object is a child of the character’s armature’s head bone, and the smoke domain object is a child of the fire object. I’m assuming the issue is happening because of the parenting, but I don’t see why it would work fine in the viewport but not the final render. Has to be a glitch, yeah?

Try not making the smoke domain a child of anything.

Thank you. Just tried it. It all baked just fine and looks good in the viewport again, but it’s still jumping all over the place in the final render.