Fire Keeper Ishtolia

Thank you appreciated.

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Oh thank you so much for your kind comments.

hey whats up, for what and how you use that color chart you always place in your renders lol?..

Damn, you’re good at this. With all those complex, detailed layers and structured clumps, I was betting on cards (very finely textured, detailed cards, of course). There are not a lot of artists who can get results like that out of Blender particle hair.

Not that a lot of artists can make hair cards that look particle hair-like either. Both approaches would take a lot of work to get results like this, but I can’t imagine getting anywhere close to that with particle hair.

Thank you, but it’s not hard, just use particle hair as main and play with the shaders.

Here is a video that can help you achieve your result.

All the best.

Color chart, build 4 spheres and image texture color chart it’s so simple.

All the best.

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They posted about it a little more here:


The shader looks good, but I was talking about the modeling/grooming. I’m going to stick to cards since I find the particles unwieldy and hard to control (maybe I’ll try again when they’re revamped), but that’s why I’m very impressed with what you’re doing with it.

Particles in blender still need more development especially hiding strands and focus on specific one, but still you can get very good result by working on the shaders, i still prefer Xgen but i hope blender team will develop the hair system better in the feature.

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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what can i say…impressive!!

Having only played half of the Dark Souls series, I was half convinced you were just taking screenshots from the one I haven’t played yet. (In part because I tend to take a bunch of screenshots during important character interactions such as this.) You really captured the Dark Souls feel well.

Impressive! This must have required quite a lot of work.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard somewhere that Blender team do have plans on revamping the hair system, but I currently can’t find the source.

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They do, and I’m sure they will eventually, but it’ll probably be a while. It’s been mentioned in a couple of the developer news/blog articles over the last couple of years. There are definite plans for a new hair object, but Blender has a small team and lots of plans to revamp lots of things (some of which we’ve already seen implementation with, just not hair).

I think geometry nodes came about partly as a result of that actually. At least, I know geometry nodes came about partly out of dissatisfaction with the particle system’s limitations, and the hair is a specific part of the particle system people are also dissatisfied with, and hair will involve nodes because of everything nodes - whether they get geonode specific nodes or their own hair system nodes.


best lips ive ever seen…

My mind is blown… Such a gorgeous artwork…
Especially, the character’s skin looks not only realistic but also delicate beauty.
If you don’t mind, could you share some workflows about skin textures and material?

Ok, thanks for the information!

For everyone who was asking about hair wokflow, this is very powerful great add-on using modifiers to make any realistic hair style, no more Xgen.

Happy Blending !

Thank you very much

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Thank you, appreciated.