Fire Lookout at Dusk

Hi ! This is my latest personal project. It started as an exercise for a workshop I was teaching last February, but I was way more excited about it than the students, so I kept working on it during the past few months.

It was initially an Eevee project, but it turned out I didn’t really need it to work in real time, so I ended up switching to Cycles for the final renders. Besides the textures that were made using Substance Designer and a final edit in Darktable, everything was created and rendered in Blender.

Hope you’ll enjoy ! :slight_smile:

You can also check the project on ArtStation :


This Reminds me of a game called watchtower! loved it amazing! would be nice to know the Lighting setup!

Amazing work! I particularly like these very much. The lighting, colors, texturing and composition – really great work!

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I don’t know that game, but I’ll check it out ! I did a very simple lighting setup, a couple of suns (warm and cold) plus a couple of very soft, very diffuse area lights to lighten up some spots that would have been too dark otherwise.

I also used RIG’s Physical Starlight and Atmosphere addon ( for the global illumination.

You can check what the scene looks like and what my setup was for the addon. Besides, I did a bit of compositing (dispersion, vignette, grain, glare…) in Blender and Darktable. Hope that helps !

Yesssss very obviously haha. I actually found the actual lookout tower that was used as a model in the game while browing the interwebz and based my work on it as well ! Thanks !

Cheers mate still loved it absolutely!