Fire Not Rendering

I’ve been working on this animation for school, everything has gone really smoothly so far, but I have a torus that is supposed to be on fire and I can’t get it to show up when it renders out.

I think I’m just dealing with a bug, because I can tweak my settings and get it to work briefly, but that’s really hit and miss and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to what settings actually trigger a functional render.

I’ve looked at a ton of online tutorials and my settings at least were in line with what everyone was suggesting, though I’ve messed with them a bit since then.

This was the video I used to make the fire in the first place

I don’t know if anything between the 2.65 release and 2.74 release could be causing this.

I uploaded a couple files from the process, if anyone would be willing to take a look I’d really appreciate it.


Fire Went Away Again.blend (1.85 MB)Fire Showed Up2.blend (3.48 MB)

76 views, but no love.

Perhaps those other 75 viewers experienced the same as me:
I don’t see your problem. Downloaded “Fire Went Away Again.blend”, hit play, rendered random frames and boom: All fine.

Is that not what we are supposed to see?
What are we to do with your file other than caching the smoke sim and then trying to render?