Fire particle in GLSL

I have a picture of fire that is uv mapped onto a plane that im going to use as muzzle flash for my gun. The plane doesnt have a material assigned to it and it works fine. However, when i run it in GLSL, the fire seems dim due to shading. But when I assign a material to it and set the material to Shadeless, you can see the edges of the plane, which is no good. What should I do?

Picture may help.
Its Alpha Clip ?, its Shadeless ?, its Backface culling ?

Have you tried making it spin faster? (that help me once)

The slight dimming is most likely because the diffuse color’s not white, but gray (the default Blender material color). Set it to white for it not to dim.

EDIT: Wait, what do you mean by ‘edges of the plane’? Do you mean that you can see the edges of the fire texture wrapping around? If so, then size the UV map of the plane down a bit.