Fire Path Simulation (need help)

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to simulate that i have some fuel at the floor (like dropped from a barrel or something) and with a phosphor ignite the fuel and starting the flames from one point to another (like a path).
In the end of the path, i would like to ignite a cube (for example), like it was covered with fuel too.

In need your help to understand how can i do this simulation with the fire going throw a path.

Just create a path and animate a fire emitting object to follow the path.

Therefore keyframe the flow source surface value of the cube (to be 0 until the cube gets ignited)

Here is a small example file, just check out what I did: fire_trail.blend (530 KB) (the example is fairly simple, created in 2 minutes, but I think it shows the main aspects)

Thank you very much!

I already did the flames going through a path but i tried to keyframe the flow or the source and i can’t find where is it in the “Flow Type: Fire”.
In the “Flow Type: Fire + Smoke”, as you showed in your blender file, you have the Surface to set keyframe and extinguish the fire and the smoke but in the Flow Type: Fire" i tried almost every option to extinguish and the initial flame would always be on!

I am sorry but I don’t understand your question…

For me it works exactly the same way - the fire goes off and ignites how I want it:

Have you freed your previous bake?