Fire rendering problem

I saw the Burn them all article on issue 16 of Blender Magazine and wanted to try it on a logo of my own. I’m having unknown problems (pretty much didn’t render the way I wanted) most probably with the nodes or something but I pretty much need help overall.

I would have made this alot more informative but I was automatically logged out TWICE and lost my original post.

Download the .blend here.


Starting to think everyone is ignoring me…

Now I’m seriously starting to think that everyone is seriously ignoring me…

Well, have you double-checked all options that the tutorial uses?

And BTW these forums often ignore people, including myself. Don’t know why, but maybe the most members are assholes. Who knows. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I did but I have a feeling that I’m always missing something.

Yeah there’s really no point on posting help here if no one is really going to help you…

What the hell does that mean? - How can anyone help if you just post a file and don’t DISCRIBE what you are trying to achieve?. Are you assuming that we are all going to run out and try the same tutorial just to help you?

What is the problem you are having??? color? shape? rendering? size? I don’t want to even look at your file unless I know what I’m looking for!

Sorry for the late reply but what I was trying to say is that maybe the nodes are incorrect but I solved that problem but now I ran right into a new one where absolutely nothing as in no objects or particals are rendered.

I have an updated version of the .blend file here.

Just download the .blend files in and render it yourself. You should understand what the effect I’m trying to get. (THE OBJECT SHOULD BE ENGULFED IN FLAMES!!! IS IT REALLY THAT HARD TO EXPLAIN!?)

Please if there is any more information you need in order to solve this problem, ask in a less rude and/or aggressive manner. This is the second reason why I don’t post for help in this forum or any forums. First (As mentioned above) is that no one answers you until next year.

So why didn’t you say so up front?

I’ll disreguard the rest of your post and take a look when I get a chance.

I think its because the title of the thread is named FIRE rendering problem. What happens if there’s fire? There is something burning.

Ya know, I came back here to ask you a few questions about this file.

  1. Are you getting ANY particles at all?
  2. Are you aware of the normals issue with the model?
  3. Have you tried simplifying the setup to track down basic errors.

but ya know what?.. I don’t think I’m going to bother. There is something burning… my desire to help you. Good -bye.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes and it wasn’t a normals issue but I set the material as transparent
  3. Its as simple as the tutorial is (Only for the fire particals). Everything else are just other objects, paths, empties and so on.

Thanks for all your help and in the future, don’t just simply ask questions to the user in such a way that you seem aggravated over a noobish question. Approach it with as much respect as you want to be respected.

We cant read feelings so we are unable to understand your expressions (Other than flaming etc). Its not something I would want to be arguing over (As I fear that I might be banned) but there are Blender users that aren’t as unbelievably experienced as you are.