Fire Simulation (Solved)

I am having a problem with my fire simulation. It renders in preview perfectly, but when I hit f12 to render the frame, it doesn’t look correct.

Any idea what my problem is?

I attached an image so you can see them side by side.

Thanks in advance.

So I am not sure what the problem is here. These are the exact same setup, I just change the scene at the top:

problem scene:

No problem scene:

Any ideas why the same settings in both scene could look different? I have tried starting over from scratch. I want this to work in my scene, and I can’t get it to… Please help!

Here is the file with the error:

I cleaned everything out but the flame. I know the flame doesn’t look nice, but the problem still exists. If you change the scene at the top. you will notice, the fire scene works perfect

Wow, I am frustrated and embarrassed. The problem after spending close to 5 hours trying to figure it out, was… Fire is transparent, and when I marked my hdri as transparent background it reduced the amount that the fire was visible, because it was looking through to nothing… I feel stupid, but glad I was able to figure it out… I figured I would post the answer to the problem in case someone ever ran into this this as well.

Glad you figured it out! :slight_smile:

me too. I guess the preview doesn’t support transparency. what threw me was it looked perfect in the preview window.