Fire Simulation

Hello, my first blend, yay!

I needed to do this simulation for a presentation for a proff for fire-safety research. The colored blocks represent thermocouple data from a file. This simulation is real time (I matched the frame rate with the times for my samples), and it uses a texture plugin to read from the file.

Anywho, any suggestions on how to improve it are welcomed.

Keep in mind that the goal of this is just an illustration and most importantly it needs to be clear. So… all the fun eyecandy isn’t expected (and may be distracting), but I don’t mind trying to make it look better.

Geocities, sorry (will upload on university server when its back up):
drag n’ drop or copy and paste

and and the last frame:

I know some of the colors jump rather inconsistently, but that’s what the data in the file does, i need to check up on it… I also need to add a few flames for when the flashover happens.

Wow, pretty awesome animation. How did you import the “thermocouple” data? Also, I don’t understand how the room with the fire becomes red and then seems to diminish into orange, but oh well. Smooth out the color transitions and I think it would be good.

Cool, glad you liked it.

How did you import the “thermocouple” data?

I wrote a texture plugin :smiley: it was… rough, haven’t programmed in C for years.

Also, I don’t understand how the room with the fire becomes red and then seems to diminish into orange

Its pretty cool actually, this is what happened (or at least this is how I understand it… I’m just a lowly undergrad):
Firemen cooled the room by spraying it with water (not trying to extinguish flames)
Spraying water into the room introduced oxygen
Then they shut off the hoses, and, because of the increased oxygen, the room burst into flames
Now, when bursting into flames like that, a lot of the extra oxygen in the room was used up, so the room cooled a bit till more oxygen could seep back in and fuel the fire.

that’s what I was told… not sure if the data in the spreadsheet reflect that… anyway…

also, it doesn’t make sense that the bottom portion of that room remains hotter than top for a while… still need to figure out what’s going on there… I may have my thermocouples mixed up, but that’s the information I was given…