Fire spirit

Hey all
A current project I’m working on is a spirit. I have most of the body of it modeled and I’m starting to try and animate, apply textures and particle effects. Basically I want it to be made of fire. I know I need to use particles but haven’t figured out the right way to do it. I have an arm animated and its all mesh objects. Whenever I set the animated arm as a particle emitter the particles don’t seem to move. The particles come out but they ignore the armature and just emit form where frame one has the mesh set. Basically, how do i make him on fire and move at the same time? Thanks alot!

you need to wait for that bug to be fixed

perhaps people (like theeth) should be reminded?
[I don’t work on the blender source, sorry]

Oh really? bummer. I’ll post it in the bug list. Anyone have any ideas how i could recreate something to this effect using a different method?

maybe if u use another mesh that moves the same as the arm as the particle emitter

True but that still involves a particle emitter moving which seems to me to be the thing I can’t do. I’m very new to blender so maybe I’m doing it wrong however

strange…i got particle emitters moving fine. did u press alt-a or press recalc-all in the particles buttons to get blender to calculate the actual locations in each frame?

Ok yeah I did get the particle emitter to move ok but it still doesn’t work when being transformed( moved/rotated) by an armature. I just stated messing around with the constrain buttons though and maybe that could do it? Any ideas?

Hey i just had an idea. Is there a way for one object to imitate another objet’s motion directly? That way since particle emitters can move and still work they would be following an object and not an armature which is where I seem to be having problems. So how do i make one object follow another?

sry, im out of ideas, maybe someone else can help u :expressionless:

Ok well thanks anyway TaZany, I’m going to try and keep looking.