Here is a fire-test, made with the new particle system, and some help from the tutorial in the last blender-magazine.

please comment what I can do to improve it

looks pretty good, you could add some wind effects to make it sway a bit

Wow, not bad at all. Not perfectly real, but it does have the essence of flame, as opposed to obvious particles. A bit more variation in the top part would be good, but of course that would depend on what is burning.

Overall, well done!

I think the particle “Emit” system should have combing too. Animatable. Then you could make it sway and do what ever! (nice test) it needs SOMe envirment. :yes:

Great job. An odd looking fire though

Seems blobby at base.

This is a very good starting model. Just remember that fire is nothing more than energy traveling through and fueled by the air around it. So, like someone else said, add some variance towards the top, wind, or whatever. Part of what made my fire look good was the fact that it started out by colliding with an object. Only difference between this technique and what I wanted to do in the future was that this used the fluid sim with reversed gravity (since fire is a fluid dynamic) but doing it with particles allows it to die all by itself which is a lot cleaner.

Also, it would help if you used textures on your particles – another trick I have used in the past with powerful effects. Take something like a Cloud map and attach it’s CUBIC coordinates to an empty. Proceedural clouds are natively volumetric (even before there were real volumetrics). Then, if you don’t want to lose your whispy stuff at the top, you’ll need to blend from one texture to another. Then the magic comes in. Burn one proceedural 3D cloud texture on to the other, leaving one bound to the coordinates of the fire with your gradient, and the other attached to the empty left free to float upwards until the proceedure repeats itself. At least… that’s what I planned to do but I just never got around to it. It’s a modified technique based on what my pal Mahjqa used to do with Photoshop. The secret’s out!