Fire turn of itself when mesh moves

hello: I made a candle, it works well. Then I animated the candle and fire turns off itself if candle movement is too fast.

2:16 fire is not intended for off in this moment.

suggestions please

any suggestions ?

There’s not nearly enough information for anyone to be able to answer your question. You should link a file somewhere if you don’t know what information people need to know.

Also, candle doesn’t turn off at 2:16 in your video. Not that I can tell.

2:54 right candle turn itself for starting another candle. Then it off, is not intended to do this. It must still on while turning and starting his friend.

It looks like it turns back on when it goes back up, leading me to think this is a case of it moving out of your fire/smoke domain. Maybe make your domain follow the wick, or make the domain big enough (and increase the resolution) to contain the flame throughout the full movement.

edit: looks like a similar problem for the second video posted too.

fire domain is connected to the rigg, then it moves following the candle movements. At any time fire is whole itself into its fire domain.

It seems to be part of fire simulation. In real life if you move a candle quickly it will shut off. I tried to get candle movements slowest but still turning off.

just run this animation:
vela se_apaga.blend (675.7 KB)

  • if mesh only moves fire still
  • but if mesh also rotates fire turn itself off

Since I cannot eliminate rotation, rotation is required by my character; I still unsolved this issue

I’m testing. If domain don’t rotate, it only moves around the flame; the flame stills.