Fire won't render - do I need a PC?

Completely new to Blender.
Followed this tutorial on YT

But on my imac the fire does not render. Do I need a PC to run this software properly?
I addition, period key does not zoom in on selected objects as per the PC version.
How do you make it do it on Mac?


I think you do need a PC order to render, although I can’t say I’m completely familiar with imacs. Another possible solution would be to use an online render farm such as Blendergrid. Here’s a link to their website:

If you email them and tell them your situation, I’m sure they’d know if you can upload files from an imac.
My experience with them has been very positive! :grinning:

Fire renders completely fine on a Mac.

2.8 blend file done on a Mac. Fire Test -2.blend (804.3 KB)

A Few things that may not be obvious when setting fire for rendering.