Ive been playing around with different ways to produce a good looking fire effect. This does not us particles, and so can be shaped better. It isn’t animated or anything, although animation is possible. Theres also a ton of post-pro done in PS.

let me know what you think.

some samples:
burning suzzane and face:
fire monster:

Wow, it looks really as a proper flame daemon should look like. It isnt very realistic, but it is a nice effect.

That’s very cool! Looks pretty realistic to me (although I’ve never seen a burning ghost/fire monster :cool: ). I 'd love to see an animation to see whether it looks realistic then.
Can you tell us how you did it? A tutorial would be awesome!

Keep up the good work,

btw: what about the render time?

Flames should be brighter and try to make it look like there’s temperature variation.

Other then that a decent start.

The base model and work is done in blender, and then post pro is done in PS, this adds the glows and blurs. Animation is possible, I might try one and post is later. I can post a basic tutorial later tonight or tomorrow for you gallardo.

See if you can’t do the blurs & flares in the nodes, otherwise animation is gonna get tough.

Not tough, just tedious, however if you can create a method for doing some kind of macro for batch jobs in Photoshop for post production (or try using AE)…

Personally I think it looks pretty good.

Sweet, the fire monster reminds me of Agent Smith in The Matrix: Revolution!:slight_smile:


juat wondering but you said that there was tons of stuff to do in photoshop, surely you could make it as an action and render the fire separately to the rest of the scene, run the pictures through the action on PS and then merge the 2 different renders together then combine the pictures into a film.

to mandragon: yes, that would work technically, but if you’re running a video at 25fps, thats a lot of seperate images to load into PS, edit, and stick together, way to much work.

The way I did a few animation tests was to render the original video into blender, load to premier, export as a filmstrip. load filmstrip in PS, and apply the changes. the filmstrip is a single image, thus the PS step is quite simple, and effects all the desired frames. then its saved, and loaded back into Premiere, and exported.

I suppose blender nodes would be a good way of getting this to work, I haven’t really played around with them enough at the moment, but I’ll definitely look into it.

Use a particle system where the particles have no movement and set the particle material
to a red halo. that should make it glow.

^^^ that works in theory, but the results are quite as good as a real glow. blender nodes are definitely the way to do it, if it needs to be animated.

is there still going to be a tut? because it looks awesome! :eyebrowlift: