Fireball and clouds volumetric effects [animation]

Fireball and clouds (DivX)

wow, I really like these.
could we get the .blends?

Very impresive… now in the background of your fireball anim, there is like a simple nuke anim.?. are you planning on making an anim like that or what is that for…?.. I think the smoke in your fireball could be a little more transparent, but otherwise very good.

Also the dense cloud anim is well done. I to would like to see the blends…


dude these are awesome!

awsome! great fireball. The clouds seem like they should be a little more transparent, but maybe its just the background

Were the dense clouds made with the cloud gen? Both the vids are very cool!

the clouds look more like dust to me ^^ but its well done non the less and the firebal was interesting aswell.

Dude, that’s some serious dust! I’m just pining away for a clue as to how he did that!

Speak, mataii, and I shall listen! bows :wink:

did you use a certain build for this?

I wasn’t keen on the first one as clouds, though it was still good.

The fireball was excellent however, but I think if you switched the precursor-smoke to black in the fireball animation it would look a lot more realistic.

here is a zip file

its from here

I don’t think that’s what mataii used, rexprime. But it’s a good resource.
A tutorial or some pointers would be fantastic, mataii! Just a clue as to how you did the clouds… :wink:

Well the fireball zip is what mataii started with… I noticed that the instant I saw the video… He probably just modified the materials for the fireball…

Yes, I’ve used that material from the fireball file from centralsource, I just though I’ve posted something about that here, but it was on cgsociety in the aplication specific blender area and, not in blenderartist :oops:

I don’t have the file right now, I’m at work :), but I will post here

Benjaru, I’m writing someting like a tutorial in my blog, but is no finished yet and is no published :slight_smile:

either way that method is cool, i have been trying to reverse engineer that .blend file for the last 2 week(then my a.d.d. kicks in)… i wonder about using a lattice for a fake mushroom cloud

i would really like to know the secret to these as well… this is the closest i’ve gotten so far:

Hi, your example is good :wink: , but seems to be made by using halos. The example I did with the Macks file from centralsource uses a material, not halo

was writing a tutorial about it, but I cannot finish it because the load of work :o , so here is the file:

press 1 and Alt+1 to change layers (examples)

I hope you find it usefull for your works :slight_smile:

thanks mataii! actually my approach was somewhat similar to yours, except i was using material nodes. yours is a little less messy and doesn’t seem to have the artifacting problems i’d noticed with mine. looking forward to playing around with your stuff!

thanks again!

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Please share again.

Could you please submit you materials and nodes setup for Blender Art magazine #7 ? They looking for content to fill 7th issue :slight_smile: