fireball dynamic lighting

I need to make light effect for fireball, animating with IPo or armatures is not problem for me. but I need make a light which will affect other objects. I need a yellow light flying ( I need to see this light on objects which are nearby this fireball. Is that possible without scripting?

you can parent a light to almost any object (dynamic light).

If you want to make it blink or flash, Hover your mouse over the materials window with the light selected, and press the I key to make an ipo for the RGB (color) , intensity , and other useful features.

to view this in the ipo editor, switch from object to material view.

you can animate materials too in the same manor.

Be careful with dynamic lighting, I think you can only have 8 of them in open GL, and lit surfaces can really make a negative performance hit if over used.

I can do this, but when I press “P” to start game I dont see the light . I “use blender material” as game option. All objects are textured and I cant see yellow light on them :frowning:

put an always connected to an and, and then to an IPO actuator (put frames 1-whatever )

and see if that works.

it also must be in layer 1, you can use edit-add ,to add from layer 2 as well.