Fireball explosion - how?

I am definitely not good with particles and smoke/fire sim in Blender. I need to render an image sequence of a fireball explosion, fire and smoke puffs in anime/manga style.

Examples (shape/form/visuals; sorry couldn’t find whole a lot of good reference):

Has anyone done that kind of stuff already, using Blender 2.66+ (I suppose material setup too) ? Thanks.

Anyone? :frowning:

Woah, 129 views, no one knows how to make fireball explosion. Blender Foundation has a good reason to make training DVD on fire, smoke, explosions, etc. effects using particles :wink:

Have you tried googling for tutorials?

Yep, those awesome for pre-rendered movie explosion.

I am after is a single element of an explosion, with I can rendering into an animation strip and then use in real-time game engine to create explosions similar to this:

That it’s not one whole pre-rendered explosion it’s several animated (pre-rendered) elements combined using game code. The end result would be looking like this: (but cartoony). It’s actually a fireball that explodes in one spot, it doesn’t rise as the one in the tutorial. And there is no smoke (smoke is made in similar manner and then used with fireball in the game).

Well if you want to make explosion sprites like those, you can use the smoke sim to make the explosion and then render out frames with transparent background. If you want it to be cartoony, use cartoony materials. If you don’t want it to move using gravity, change the settings to get the explosion behavior you want.

I get that K Horseman, it’s common sense. What I don’t get is technical side of things. Not enough docs/tutorials on the subject and I don’t have time to be digging bits and pieces. Thus I was asking “how?” meaning I would like to have an example .blend or step-by-step quick tutorial.

OK, what specific information isn’t covered in those tutorials or any others you’ve seen?

Anime / manga material to use with smoke sim. New fire sim.