fireball for comet animation

hey guys!

i need to know how to make fire for a fireball comet in my animation.

i looked at the fire tutorial on…but that didnt work very well for what im doing, i need like realistic moving fire…

so, does anyone know of a tutorial for this kindof thing?
or possibly have a bleder seen i can append it from?

i have read the blender docs and i have the gamekit and 2.3 guide…but cant seem to find anything…

can anyone help?

For fire/smoke/flames you usually use particle effects. This link should help you.


OMG!! exactly what i was looing for!!!thank you so much!

are you THE greybeard? i like your video tutorials a lot!!!

Wow I am going to have to visit this sight
Awsome files. I meant to ask, (No I han’t looked at your blend files yet) but how do you make a moving fire (that is such as a campfire from the tutorial) mov as an object, I once tried to make a “fire monster” but if putit on static the particles just stayed in one place giving him the “indian Chief look”

I was just curious (I mean I guess you could recalc and keyfram every fram but I woud have thought there would be a better way.)
BlackManta :Z

yes, tyhis is the problem i ran into as well…

the candle fire on that site is perfect for what i want, but when i parant it to my meteor, it spreads out…i changed all the start and stop times and still…so how do you do what he is asking^^^???