Firebrand, the red gargoyle! (Updated on Page 2) - full - torso view - Infamous crotch view!

He’s supposed to be this sexy man

Nice work so far.

Is this a game model? If so, then the tri’s would be OK. But if not, those tri’s are going to really be a problem. You should clean them up if it is going to be a higher poly model.


Yeah he’s for UT2004. Polycount is 1368 in triangles.

Vertex paint is fun!


Good to see some more game model stuff being done with Blender. How are you exporting for UT? the USM (ase) exporter?

I’m not exporting it in UT2k4, a friend with Maya and animation skill is gonna give him custom animations and ragdoll and export him. I’ll do the rest though :stuck_out_tongue:

awww that’s cheating…!

Still it’s a good mesh though, should be interesting to see how this one develops

Head forming!

oh that’s better you can see what’s going on with the head now. Looking at him again, his hands could do with a bit more shape, they seem small and short compared to the rest of the model.

make my monster grow

This is progressing really well. Excellent modelling.



Looking good, feet have a nice shape to them although as with the hands previously, they could do with being a little longer. It might just be the 3/4 angle that’s making them look a bit short though.

Post a 3/4 shot from the back so we can see how the wing/shoulder area looks thumbsup

ok skinned finally!

Looking good, color seems too saturated though.