Firebreathing Shark with Arms

I started working on this shark last night. I know there’s a lot wrong with it, but I wanted to show it here.

First, I’m not sure how to make the fire fully transparent. You can see it blocking the hand behind the mouth.
Second, the hands don’t look right but I don’t know how to fix them.
And finally it’s untextured because I don’t know texturing at all. I can add one, but it looks better this way.

if you show us the node setup we might be able to help you with the transparency problem.

I haven’t done anything with nodes.

In the material panel I’ve checked Transparency, switched it to Z Transparency, and set Alpha and Specular to 1. Under the Texture tab, I’ve set both diffuse color and shading emit to 1. Hope I didn’t forget anything, if I did let me know.

blender-render or cycles, I’m not familliar with blender-render :smiley:

Blender Render. Also forgot to include that the shading is GLSL.